Seeking Business Co-founder


Vispar 应用是一个跨平台的多人实时视频交流方案,旨在为职场人士提供参加虚拟线上集会和活动的工具。换句话来说,Vispar就是线上版的Meetup,除了多方跨平台视频聊天以外,还有内容分享和数据分析等功能。Vispar致力于改变以文字声音图像的虚拟交流,使人们的移动交流变得更精彩,愉快, 便捷。 Vispar Corp is a technology company based in Silicon Valley, California. Vispar, its core product, is an online video solution for professionals to network with others in virtual meetings and events. As the Meetup for the virtual world, it’s important because there are many professionals who would like to participate in all kinds of social meetings and events, but for those who even traveling to the physical location of such activities is prohibitive because their busy schedule won’t allow. Moreover, there are many people who has been to some terrible meetings and events and thought the time spent on traffic to get there is totally a waste. Vispar is launching to solve all these issues. Mobile communication is going mainstream, and Vispar lets mobile users to take advantage by allowing them to join virtual “Meetup groups” at home, at work, or on the go.


We are a mobile video company, comprised of a team of strong technical and business background who constantly challenge ourselves and have a mission to change the way people communicate. If you need to find a team with similar passion and commitment, please join us. We provide the best environment to grow together. Qualities: 1. Aspiring, self-motivated, fast learner, down-2-earth, doer. 2. Innovative, able to think outside the box. 3. Strong team-work skills. 4. Love product details Experience: 1. BS in computer science, MS preferred. Phd a plus. 2. Preferred 2 years of software development experience. 3. Hands-on experience with Node.js as web backend, common web frontend, and/or mobile technologies. 4. Familiar with common UI paradigms & frameworks on web and mobile Look for a passionate technical cofounder with solid computer science background. As a cofounder, one will program full-stack code and create product with great quality from scratch for customers. If you are interested, please email us @ (Note: H1B sponsorship provided.)