Date: Thursday, April 7, 2016, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Venue: South Bay (To be notified)

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If you are currently a FOUNDER of a startup, this event co-hosted by CHAIN and Shinect is EXCLUSIVELY for you!
How is communication essential for startups to gain public interest and acceptance as well as to improve organizational performance from inside? From a founder’s perspective, how do we improve what our companies and products look like, either in the public eyes, through effective branding and PR, or in our employees’ eyes, through internal communication? On the road to building great impact through entrepreneurship, confusions and challenges are always there. But you are never alone to fight those battles.
CHAIN Founders Group and Shinect Founders Club are here to present a founders’ gathering event for you and cordially invite you to hear invaluable insights from our featured guest speaker, Bill Yao (Founder & President of PPTV) along with your fellow entrepreneurs, on their unique ways of communication. You will hear true stories of how they enhance their public image and how they lead effective conversations that truly connect and engage employees within the entire organization. You will also hear about the differences in communications between Chinese and US startups given the variances in entrepreneurial environment and company culture. More importantly, YOU are one of them. As a founder, you are very welcome to raise your own voice and share with us your own stories.
Due to limited seating, registration and a notification email is required as the ticket to attend this event. Please help us understand more about you and your company by completely filling out the registration form with corresponding information such as name of your company, area of focus, stage, and brief intro. We will follow up with you by email on seating availability and event details.
We also have limited number of spots for founders’ self-introduction. If you are willing to introduce your company and share your stories with your fellow entrepreneurs, please specify during registration and our staff will be in contact with you.
Please DO let us know in advance if you receive the notification email but are not able to make it to the event this time so that your fellow founders on waiting list can be arranged for attendance.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Event info

Date/Time: Thursday, April 7, 2016, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm (PDT)
Location: South Bay
Food and beverages will be served


6:30-6:50pm: Reception
6:50-7:05pm: Opening remark (Co-hosts)
7:05-8:10pm: Featured speakers sharing and Q&A
8:10-8:35pm: Founders’ self-introduction
8:35-8:50pm: Mixer and networking, wrap-up

Featured Speaker

Xin (Bill) Yao (Founder&President of PPTV)

Bill YaoBill Yao is the founder and President of PPLive Corp. Bill started the world’s first P2P media platform PPLive in 2004, when he withdrew from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, where he was pursuing his Master’s degree. In 2005 he founded PPLive Corp. that owned the platform (
Since 2004, Bill led the team to invent P2P streaming media technology and core algorithms, which are fit for large-scale networks for video transmission. PPLive Corp. received six rounds of investments from notable investors like Softbank Group, SBCVC, DFJ, Bluerun Venture, etc., with investment amounts totaling $780 million. has over 450 million users, and ranks Top 10 most used software applications in China for a number of years. He also has more than 10 self-developed patents, and published “The Challenges of Design and Analysis of Extensive P2P Video-on-demand System”, and the paper was taken as monograph of 2008 by Sigcomm, which is known as the highest level of academic conferences of computer communication network, and is widely cited by internationally renowned companies and research institutions (M.I.T, Tsinghua University, CUHK, MSRA).
Bill was elected to be the first President of Shanghai Entrepreneurial Association in 2015, reinvesting in Shanghai’s tech community. He has also received a number of awards for his entrepreneurial success and contribution to the venture ecosystem in China. Among them are “Top 10 IT Leaders in Shanghai”, “Entrepreneurial Pioneer Award”, and “Annual Top 10 Figures in Shanghai, 2010”.