September 6, 2017, Wednesday, 6:30-9:00pm

Fenwick & West, 801 California St, Mountain View, CA

Viewed as the second generation of the internet (Internet of Value), blockchain has the potential to fundamentally reinvent our economic, financial, legal, and social infrastructure.  Since 2013, over $2B VC funds have been poured into this field to over 500 startups.  Large financial institutions and tech companies are investing tons of resources trying to catch this new wave.

ICOs are token sales offered by blockchain companies looking to exchange network access or equity for financing.  This year alone, ICOs have raised over $1B, more than triple the total “traditional” VC dollars over the same period.  Core development and blockchain governance platform Tezos claimed the largest closed ICO round in July 2017, at around $230M.

We bring together founders, experts and investors to delve deeper into blockchain’s disruptive potential, covering everything from the hype of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), blockchain as a service, to the evolution of new applications.


6:30-7:00pm    Social and light dinner

7:00-8:00pm    Panel Discussion

8:00-8:30pm    Q&A


Konstantin Richter

CEO, Blockdaemon; Co-chair,

A serial entrepreneur in the SaaS media space (audiotube, lookbooks, wiredrive), Konstantin is an advisor to leading blockchain companies like Gem and MadHive. He recently ICO’ed, the extension of the proof of existence protocol. He is the co-chair of the advertising consortium and CEO of Blockdaemon, the Heroku of Blockchain.

Emmie Chang

Managing Partner, Superbloom Capital

Emmie is the CEO of SuperBloom Capital, a crypto asset management and investment company. SuperBloom actively trades crypto assets,builds trading algorithms and tech tools, and accelerates/launches new companies that are pre-token sales. She previously founded a Y-Combinator backed ed-tech company that served tens of thousands of users and bootstrapped 2 ed-tech companies to multimillion revenues.

David Gobaud

Co-founder & CEO, Mobius

Arunram Kalaiselvan

CTO, BlockDaemon

With a background in Computer Science and Game Design, Arun has been working on architecting and deploying large scale, low latency infrastructures (LookBooks, PlaceIQ, MadHive ). He has been involved in the Bitcoin world for a while now as an early adopter and more recently building a cloud and blockchain agnostic blockchain deployment tool as the CTO of Blockdaemon, the Heroku of Blockchain.

Organizer: China America Innovation Network (

China America Innovation Network (CHAIN) aims to help entrepreneurs transform innovation into value through knowledge and resource exchange between U.S. and China. Our mission is to build a multinational ecosystem of mentors, experts, professionals, and peers based in U.S. and China that will enable entrepreneurs to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions by accessing resources from both U.S. and China. As a non-profit organization, we are powered by a team of passionate volunteers, successful entrepreneurs, experienced executives, business operations professionals and engineering wizards. Founded in 2011, the CHAIN network now connects thousands of members in both Silicon Valley and China.